Your views are welcomed to help shape the future of health and care in the borough of Richmond

//Your views are welcomed to help shape the future of health and care in the borough of Richmond

Local people are being asked to share their views on a local health and care plan which has been developed for the borough.

The local NHS, Richmond Council and the voluntary sector have been working together to review the local community’s health and care needs and develop an action plan to improve services.

Figures show 11% of primary school children in year 6 –  those aged 10 and 11 – in the borough of Richmond are considered obese. And one in ten adults are living with three or more long-term health conditions. Feedback from the public, doctors and other healthcare staff backed up this research and agree that combating childhood obesity and supporting people with diabetes should be among the priority areas for action.

Following months of engagement with local people, health and care partners in Richmond have worked together to publish the Health and Care Plan ‘discussion document’, which covers the two-year period of 2019-21.

It describes the vision, priorities and actions to meet the health and care needs of the people living in Richmond.

Dr Graham Lewis, CCG Chair and local GP, said:

“In health and social care we face a number of challenges, including people living for longer, many with multiple long-term health conditions. Demand is increasing at a faster rate than available resources and we need to think differently about how we deliver care that meets people’s needs now and in the future.

Our discussion document brings together health, social care and the voluntary sector and reflects the feedback from local people and healthcare professionals we have received over the last few years.

“We have strengthened our focus on partnership working, prevention and keeping people well and are now asking the Richmond population to share their views on our approach, which we have developed under three key areas; start well, live well and age well.”

Cllr Piers Allen, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Adult Services, and Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board, added:

“At its heart, this strategic plan sets out our desire to support people to be well at home, and in their community, for as long as possible. Providing first class care in the right way, at the right time, in the right place.

“To do this, we need input from everyone who is touched by health and social care services in Richmond upon Thames and we need to work collaboratively with our partners to optimise available resources. I urge people to take part in the consultation and have their say.”

The discussion document is being shared with local people to check that they agree with the actions set out in the plan, under the priority areas listed below:

Start Well

  • Improve the mental wellbeing and resilience of our children and young people
  • Support children and young people with special educational needs, disabilities and complex health and care needs to flourish and be independent in their local communities
  • Focus on reducing obesity to improve the health of our children and young people

Live Well

  • Support people to stay healthy and manage their long-term health conditions
  • Promote mental wellbeing and support those who experience poor mental health to avoid mental health crisis
  • Reduce health inequalities for people with learning disabilities

Age Well

  • Encourage active, resilient and inclusive communities that support people to live at home independently, where possible
  • Support people to plan for their final years so they have a dignified death in a place of their choice

Please follow the links below to provide feedback:

  • Click here to read the full discussion document
  • Click here to read a summary of the discussion document
  • Click here to answer some questions about the document
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