Time to Change starts with us

//Time to Change starts with us

We all have mental health, and just like physical health sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not.  But unfortunately attitudes and behaviours towards mental health can vary and can make it difficult for people with a mental health problem to tell their work colleagues and/or manager – even if they may want to.

That’s why Kingston and Richmond CCGs have signed the Time to Change employer pledge, to demonstrate our commitment to changing attitudes and behaviours about mental health in the workplace and to make sure our employees know they will be supported in their mental health.

On Tuesday 26 February 2019, Sarah Blow, Accountable Officer, came to Thames House, Teddington, to sign the Time to Change pledge for both CCGs.  Dr Phil Moore, Mental Health Lead, Kingston CCG, and Dr Stavroula Lees, Mental Health Lead, Richmond CCG, also attended and gave employees tips on how to look after themselves both at home and at work.

Vicki Harvey-Piper, Director of Corporate Affairs and Governance at Kingston and Richmond CCGs, thanked the employee engagement group, which consists of staff representatives from both CCGs, for their support and commitment in the development of an action plan, which was successful in being accepted by Time to Change as a workplace pledge. The action plan includes: recruitment and training of mental health champions, dedicated mental health resources and information, mindfulness sessions, HR lunch and learn session for line managers, further healthy workplace initiatives and policies.

Peter Warburton, Lead Nurse Safeguarding Adults for Kingston and Richmond, has been instrumental in bringing the plan to life and has already led a mental health awareness workshop for employees and runs weekly employee mindfulness sessions.

Dr Stavroula Lees, said: “I am delighted that Richmond CCG has a dedicated action plan to support its employees in their mental health and that we are signing the Time to Change employer pledge to publicly commit to changing attitudes and behaviours in the workplace – starting with our own.  This is a great time to show how mental health can be talked about in the workplace so that employees will know that when they do they will be in a safe supportive environment.”

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