Take a simple test to see if you are at risk​ of diabetes​

//Take a simple test to see if you are at risk​ of diabetes​

Residents are encouraged to grab a tape measure and scales and go online to find out if they are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Each year 310 people in Richmond are told they have diabetes. There are already 5,500 local people living with the Type 2 diabetes and another 15,000 are on the verge of getting it.

As part of National Diabetes Week (11-17 June), Richmond Council and NHS Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group are encouraging people to go online and complete a quick and easy questionnaire to find out if they are at risk. All you need is an accurate measurement of your height, weight and waist size.

People at risk should visit their GP surgery for a blood test. Those who find out early if they are at risk can take life changing steps to help them prevent the disease.

​In Richmond, people at high risk can be referred by their GP surgery to the new Healthier You programme. The programme offers people advice on how to eat well, move more, and permanently change their lifestyles to reduce their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

As much as 80 per cent of diabetes cases can be prevented and, with good management of the disease, those that do have it can lead normal lives.

Houda Al-Sharifi, Director of Public Health for Richmond and Wandsworth Councils, said:

“Diabetes is a disease that, if managed poorly, can lead to extremely serious complications like kidney, eye and heart problems and amputations. However diabetes is not an inevitable condition that comes with age, the vast majority of cases can be either prevented or delayed. It is particularly linked to lifestyles and obesity.

“Tackling diabetes is a priority because of the sheer number of residents who are affected by it. Those numbers are on the rise. However, if people make changes to their lifestyles – they can do something about it!”

For more information, or to take the test, go to: http://riskscore.diabetes.org.uk/ ​

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