Support is available for Richmond residents this World Mental Health Day

//Support is available for Richmond residents this World Mental Health Day

The NHS in Richmond is encouraging residents who are feeling anxious or low to seek support this World Mental Health Day (Wednesday, 10 October).

We are also encouraging you to think about the mental health of your friends and family, particularly the children and young people you may know. Do they seem withdrawn? Are they doing things they wouldn’t usually do? Have they started to engage with risky behaviours, such as smoking or drinking etc?

Dr Phil Moore, a local GP, Chair of the Mental Health Commissioners’ Network and Deputy Chair (Clinical) Kingston CCG, said, “Adolescence and the early years of adulthood are a time of life that many people find difficult, whilst some may find it exciting. It is a time when many changes take place, for example, changing schools, leaving home, starting university or a new job, forming new relationships, as well as personal physical changes. In some cases, stress and apprehension can build up and lead to mental health problems.”

World Mental Health Day is an opportunity to reflect on mental health and the steps and services that can be used to help with mental health problems.

Some of the services available to support patients experiencing mental health problems in Richmond can be found here and include the Richmond Wellbeing Service and the Carers Hub Service.

In addition, children aged 5 and under have access to same day appointments at GP practices across the borough. Simply call your practice for an appointment.

To support our own staff to reflect on mental health, today Peter Warburton, Lead Nurse Safeguarding Adults, held a workshop outlining what mental health and mental wellbeing is and steps we could think about to improve our own situation. Over the next six weeks, staff will also be invited to attend a weekly mindfulness session.

Whether you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, the following list of helplines and support groups can offer expert advice


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