New walking group for patients at Twickenham GP practice

//New walking group for patients at Twickenham GP practice

A type 2 diabetes information event at a GP practice in Twickenham will result in the setting up of a new walking group for patients. 

The diabetes event was run by the patient participation group and the practice nurse Sheila Breen at York Medical Practice in Twickenham. Most GP practices in Richmond borough have patient groups and their role is to provide feedback to staff on how the practice is working from the patient’s perspective, so improvements can be made.

Maggie Ennis who is the current chair of the patient participation group at York Medical Practice says: “We identified the need for an opportunity for our patients to meet others and increase their knowledge of how to manage their medical conditions more successfully. Following a great deal of discussion and debate it was agreed that we would work with the practice to run some sessions for patients, starting with one on type 2 diabetes.

“The diabetes information event took place last week and we were delighted with the turnout. We had around 30 attendees and 4 people who spoke about their experiences of successfully managing their type 2 diabetes through health and lifestyle. We had excellent feedback from the event and people told us that they benefited from hearing the experiences of others with the condition.

“I’d like to thank staff in the practice for their support in making it happen. I’d also like to thank those who shared their experiences of type 2 diabetes and for everyone in our patient participation group who helped in the planning and organising. During the event I suggested that it would be great to set up a walking group for patients at our practice, the attendees were very keen on this idea and we now very much look forward to getting started!”

Eleanor Brunton from York Medical Practice says: “We have an extremely active patient participation group at the practice and we are really grateful for the good work they do. We were impressed with the turnout at the type 2 diabetes event and very excited about the prospect of having a walking group linked to the practice.” ​

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