Moorfields Teddington Eye Clinic Relocation

//Moorfields Teddington Eye Clinic Relocation

Moorfields Teddington Eye Clinic is being relocated to nearby hospitals in South West London to ensure the best possible care for patients.

All local patients who attend the service in Teddington have received a letter from Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to let them know that they can choose to be seen at one of four clinics including:

  • Moorfields at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton Lane, SW15 5PN
  • Moorfields at Ealing Hospital, Uxbridge Road, UB1 5HW
  • Moorfields at St George’s Hospital, Blackshaw Road, Tooting, SW17 0QT
  • Moorfields at Nelson Health Centre, Kingston Road, Raynes Park, SW20 8DB

In addition it may also be possible to go to another local hospital for treatment, such as Kingston Hospital Foundation Trust or Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital.

Local patients have been asked to contact Moorfields directly to make arrangement for their ongoing care.

The decision follows a review of the clinic by the Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust which found:

  • A reduction in patient referrals to the service
  • High value equipment is currently only being used once a week at Teddington, when it could be used more frequently in other locations
  • It has been difficult to recruit and retain staff at Teddington, which has meant clinics have had to be cancelled
  • Relocating the Teddington clinic would result in some patients having to travel further for their appointments.

All the patients affected have been contacted individually about the changes

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