Men’s Health Week

//Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week runs from Monday 10 to Sunday 16 June. Throughout the week, together with Richmond Council, we have been looking at what men need to know about their own health, encouraging healthy eating and drinking habits and being physically active.

In the UK, men are more likely to die prematurely and visit their GP half as often. They are more likely to die from cancer, be obese, smoke or to commit suicide.

Dr Graham Lewis, GP and Chair Richmond CCG said:

“Preventative health advice applies to both men and women, though we see that health outcomes still differ between men and women.

For example, did you know that the life expectancy of men in the borough of Richmond is 82 years whilst for women it is 85.4 years?

Men’s health week is a great opportunity to raise health awareness amongst men in the borough and the preventative actions they can take to improve their overall health now and into the future.”

In our social media this week, we have highlighted some of the men in the CCG who are taking charge of their own health, from Matt eating well, to Gassan taking up football. Cameron cycling to and from work, and Peter doing and running mindfulness sessions for staff.

To find advice and online tools to help you or men you know to improve their health, visit this page on the council website.

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