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Following the publication of the NHS Five Year Forward View  in 2015, south west London clinical commissioning groups, provider trusts and local authorities have formed a strategic planning group to deliver the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP)​ for improving local services. The plan builds on previous work to develop a strategy for south west London. Follow the link for a short film about STPs from NHS England.

Why do we need an STP?

As our population continues to grow and people are living longer - and often with long-term health conditions - the increasing demand being placed on our health and care services is not being matched by the available funding.

At the same time, health inequalities are widening, with certain groups of people more likely to develop certain diseases and more likely to die from them prematurely. We also know that gaps in quality exist, with some areas benefiting from better quality health services than others.

The NHS Five Year Forward View sets out how health services across the country need to change in order to improve public health and the quality of services and to ensure financial stability by 2020/21.

This doesn't mean doing less for patients or reducing the quality of care provided. It means introducing more preventative care; finding new ways to meet people's needs; and identifying ways that existing services and organisations can work together to do things differently.

Further Information

If you require further information on the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) you can call 020 8251 0512 or email ​

SWL Joint Committee agenda and minutes

AGENDA JC 09 07 2015
Paper 02 Draft JC Minutes Public meeting 14 May 2015 V7 28 05 15
AGENDA JC 03 09 2015
Paper 2 Draft JC Minutes Public meeting 9 July 2015 V10 21 07 15 – AN
AGENDA JC 12 11 2015
Paper 2 Draft JC 3 September 2015 Part I minutes draft