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What is the NHS Equality Delivery System?

The equality delivery system (EDS) is a national tool, designed to help local NHS organisations to review and improve the services they provide for their local communities, consider health inequalities in their area and provide better working environments, free of discrimination, for those who work in the NHS.

What does the equality delivery system mean for the NHS in Richmond?

The EDS has four key goals, with 18 specific outcomes. NHS organisations need to listen to and engage with patients, carers, voluntary organisations and people who work in the NHS in order to grade their equality performance, identify where improvements can be made and act on their findings.
In Richmond, through the NHS equality delivery system, we want to:
  • embed equality and diversity in our business, contracting, engagement and staff management
  • manage our equality and diversity performance working with our community involvement group and Healthwatch
  • ensure transparency in the equality information that we publish every year
  • ensure accountability of the CCG leadership to local people