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A&E is for real emergencies only, call 111 for urgent medical advice

Need medical advice? Don't just go to A&E if it's not a serious emergency.

Alternative services are available, download a leaflet outlining local health services or visit where you can enter your postcode and find the right alternative local health services to treat you – it may be quicker and even closer to your home.

Using the right service means you don't spend hours waiting in A&E and treatment can be given quicker to those really in need of emergency care.

Dr Graham Lewis, Chair, Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group is reminding local people that A&E is for serious emergencies only.

"Hospitals are very busy places all year round. A&E staff deal with life threatening emergencies like strokes and heart attacks. People suffering from minor ailments like colds and coughs should treat themselves at home or visit their local pharmacy.

"Many people forget that their local pharmacists are trained clinicians who can provide expert advice on how to help manage illnesses as well as providing guidance on the best treatments. Urgent care centres, walk-in centres, GP (including their out of hours service) are just some of the alternative services available."

Find your local health services, visit

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