​Richmond CCG has re-located to Teddington​

//​Richmond CCG has re-located to Teddington​

Richmond CCG has moved from the Civic Centre in Twickenham to:

2nd floor
Thames House
180 High Street
TW11 8HU

Switchboard: 020 3941 9900

We are co-locating in Teddington with colleagues from Kington CCG as part of the ongoing initiative to join up working arrangements. Although Kingston and Richmond CCGs will remain accountable to their own local populations and retain their own governing bodies and membership, there will be one shared management structure across the two CCGs.

Over the last year, Kingston and Richmond CCGs have been working as part of the recently established South West London Alliance, with one accountable officer, Sarah Blow, across four CCGs, Richmond and Kingston, Merton and Wandsworth. Sutton CCG joins the Alliance from 1 April 2018.  This will ensure a more efficient and co-ordinated approach to commissioning in south west London.

If you have any questions about the move please contact Matt Taylor-Lund at matt.taylor-lund@swlondon.nhs.uk

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